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a question for brno

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    brno, I have been trying to piece a story together from several sources and now I know it was you on 4 corners I know I have your identity correct. So here is the question:
    Are you currently part of legal action against Max Garling in the NSW Supreme Court over the sale of the Daisy Milano mine?
    If the answer to the above is yes here are a couple more questions:
    Is the party you are jointly taking action with the ex mine mamager of MCO who was 'let go' by Nick Garling earlier this year?
    Do you think the statments above, if correct, somewhat scew your attitude towards MCO managment and are the prime reason for your negativity?

    It is important the readers of this forum know the answers to these questions as it will help them determine the CREDIBILITY of your posts. You may be happy with your credibility but it is something given by others ie. if others don't think you have any credibility then you have none no matter what one thinks themself!

    Cheers Mal
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