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    They sound like they are in the same boat as EVM with regard to project finance. The big difference however is their facility is proven technology which has been implemented in various locations already. We have no money and can’t get going - how/ why would this be an opportunity for us?

    Roger Davey needs to make a call on what is happening.
    Are we wrapping up? For 3 yrs since Valentina we have heard a project “is coming” “we’re close” “it’s imminent” “just a little bit longer” etc but nothing has eventuated. I don’t want to be in virtual purgatory on this stock because EVM are hoping for money that will never come. Clearly Valentina was a scam too. If those guys were serious they would have come to table after their first deal was axed and evm would have written a hoa to suit.

    I strongly believe a newer 200m test facility might be better option as a “current” proof of concept. If people see it does work with current technology then they are likely to back it with funding. Mazaneres from 1982-89 which fell over after strong wind storm is a long time ago and tech has changed. They could start by building the full size base and part apron. Build a 1/3 height chimney with narrower pipe near top. Then if funding starts continue to build the remaining 2/3 of tower and apron. Then open up vents and install additional turbines. Stage the development. Obviously a skip form from bottom to top in one run would be better.

    But reading this

    i question why sbp is in bed with Hyperion (if thats still a thing) when I thought evm had exclusive right to everywhere except china. If enviromission lost rights why haven’t we heard. Also for previous contract in USA scppa, according to the power authority we only got 106 of the 200MW deal. I think we were just told we had won it.

    We have about 3 weeks left before were delisted in in private shareholding - purgatory.

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