EMS 0.00% 3.2¢ eastland medical systems ltd

a profit next year makes it a sound investment

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    EMS Is no longer a spec stock, to get in at a price that is half the price of its highs in april is a bargin. EMS is such a better stock now that it was when it was 88c in april. They now have a distribution centre which with even the research and development going on will bring a profit(stand alone), which tells me that they are ready to sell what they have been developing for 2 years. Ems asked for 5 mill to buy this distribution centre and with in 2 days they raised it at 50c. EMS (only in my opinion, will start selling to the world) and thus providing a fiscal profit. I have said this all along that ems will blow the lid once volume comes back, but in the case no announcements then a profit next year will make ems a sure bet.
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