AVM 0.00% $7.45 anvil mining limited

a post from sept 2000, page-14

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    It is posts like yours that instill confidence in my/our decision to invest in such a great company/opportunity as Anvil. I haven't been in for as long as most regular posters, just over 18 months, but have slowly sold out of other companies and invested heavily (in proportion to my portfolio) in Anvil. I suppose I am putting most of my share investments in the one basket but I am confident they will be safe. Bar some kind of catastrophe. Minor hiccups present buying opportunities like back in October when the SP dropped dramatically, I logged on a bit late that day but still managed to get some more shares under 45c. I am a bit strapped at the moment as invested in more property and can only sit and watch the sp go up and up and up. Just wish I had the readies for more purchases. I could go out and get a credit card to max out for a few months but that would feel like I am addicted or something. Oh well enough is never enough, I'll just make do with what I have for now.

    Heres to another bumper year.

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