a post for andrew 4k on w.d.gann

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    Hi Andrew hope you have been trading well, if you have not been trading then I hope you have at least been learning something useful in the art of trading ,

    For myself I have not found a bear market easy to trade, as I am still not confidant with the correct choice of ETO puts or calls ,so I have spent lots of time reading and trying to understand the W.D.Gann theory and how to apply it to trading ,

    When you were selling the TOM product (forgotten the name )did you ever come across all or parts of his theory applied to trading ,say incorporated into software or a trading plan that looked convincing, as a means to predict a price movement or as a trading aid , if you did what part was being used Sq9,angles ,planet aspects etc.

    I have traveled the net and joined every Gann chat site and yet to find somebody who says they fully understand and are using Gann to great success ,

    Apart from numerious people who are selling a product supposedly related to Gann’s theory or an improved version ,unfortunately you have to part with big dollars to find out if it works ,

    I do not have a problem with parting with the dollars if this is the way to go ,but which one is any value ??

    Come to the conclusion if any person has read and understood his oblique way of writing and being able to unfold Gann’s suposedly near faultless trading theory ,

    They would be busy making consistent dollars in comfortable retirement, or fully retired and would not be snooping around the Internet or chat sites whilst trying to flog some product ,

    Being the only person who I know who has been in the industry could you share with me your findings and opinions on W.D.Gann please.

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