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a political assassination

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    In summary, MEL is a publicly listed company that has been going about its business for 10 years, within the confines of the law.

    Antagonists to their work have been shown to be less than honest with the truth ....

    how breath taking.....

    Political assassination

    Today I woke up to go to a service group meeting where we raise money to help the less fortunate in the district as well as overseas.

    BUT TODAY, on waking, the first words I thought of were political assassination

    I have never been in a company that operated in an area for years without one comment coming from concerned citizens and farmers.

    Years ago I avoided a stock in Zimbabwe cause I didn't trust Mugabe who consistently assassinates his opposition if he could get at them.

    Mel has been in the NR region for 10 years, has signed agreements with farmers and businesses, proposed pipelines and so on, let alone hired local people who have been subjected to personal insult... there is indeed nothing like the old OZZIE fair go principle ( but only when it suits)

    But then the ugly head of green politics emerges from the primeval slime of tassies wilderness society stopping hydroelectricity and ironically pushing energy production totally into the lap of coal.

    Then gore got on the trail in 2000 telling some convenient lies ( as proved in a British court of law) in his watershed work " an inconvenient truth".... you know the story global warming .... In a world that has a stable temperature range for 18 years

    Then there was josh fox in his ground breaking work Gaslands. Where the water from a kitchen tap the a farmhouse in the US, was set alight due to the gas in the water released by local fraccing activities. Now the fact that this same tap had been going up in flames 20 years before fraccing had entered the area might have been an important revelation. However, when questioned about this phenomom and its history, joshy answered with something like.... "So what, that's irrelevant".

    Of course the abc showed the program at least twice and the Byron crowd have watched it many times as many others have, no doubt.

    So, on to the 18 months moratorium. Well it came and went.... due process community consultation and so on....

    The government set some tough rules , on behalf of all of us.

    Well we didn't count on government ruling from the radio shack nor the doorstop , did we?!

    aj blustering on and on via his radio waves. I saw him on a tv show and his knowledge of gas, coal seam gas and fraccing was appallingly shallow and simply wrong! and yet his radio show kept on, keeping on.

    then bof does the doorstop announcement. well we have no measure of his knowledge about the topic but we do know he has been caught lying about a bottle of grange.... till the fateful email showed up. At least Clinton owned up about smoking dope but assured us he didn't inhale.
    So here we have a person making decisions around MELs very existence, a person who had to resign from being the premier of this state.

    and community resistance ? the so-called community was initially made up of next to no-one who belonged to the community... the initiators ? their vested interests ?
    one of them having a daughter who allegedly writes a document purporting to come from a public company?
    and "well meaning" protesters creating nuisances of themselves with no regard for the people they disagree with.

    The graham family should get a mention in the next round of honours bestowed by the government

    Who is responsible for the destruction of my retirement funds!? ..... yes I know ME !..... because I invested in a publicly listed company going about its business, within the confines of the law

    unaware that a tidal wave of ignorance and misrepresention
    was brewing in the background from a range of attackers, directly or indirectly showing their lack of respect for the truth and knowledge, both here and overseas.

    I want compensation Mr Government if you are going to change the rules of the game based on lies and political fantasies.
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