HCY halcyon group ltd

a pity rrs stole hcy's thunder.....

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    I was convinced that HCY were gonna ramp up their sp by drilling a few 'known' good spots in Bardoc to generate some short term interest in their stock - then once some options had been taken up, and a few 'sophisticated' victims had been found for their nearly due placement, I could have exited around 4c with the price then drifting back to 2c. But it seems that RRS have pulled a stunt even better, so now HCY must be shaking their collective heads as to how to make their stock temporarily attractive to pull some money in.

    I will eagerly await the results of their collective creative genius as to how anyone could ever be persuaded to put their dough into this dud..... I'd say the scheme should be well cooked by around the end of Feb.

    It should be interesting.

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