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a phone call with ian burton

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    good old mate
    just ring you to have some gossips,
    oh yeah...

    uuummm to many crooks about alex,
    hard game, is it...
    i ask ... oh about MRI. i saw that you get involved again with the RILIT chemicals desinfectant,
    yes , we put it on the side....
    ah ah i said yes RILIT once took mri to 4 dollars, you dispose it for a few and now get it at work again for afew bucks
    good game Ian... uumm are you like Rivkin
    Tox holding
    i said
    you remember when you propose that one at 40 cents
    i said that impossible.
    he reply sorry alex, we never could get this process working
    wake up austgralia
    wake up asic
    alkaida is here to clean all impuritties
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