a panty raid!!!

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    Panty Raid Costs Victoria's Secret $5,000
    Tue Mar 25,12:52 PM ET

    BELLEVUE, Wash. - Call it a $5,000 panty raid. That's the estimated value of 300 sets of skivvies taken from a Victoria's Secret store.

    "It's very unusual. It's shoplifting to the max," said Marcia Harnden, a police spokeswoman in this suburb east of Seattle.

    An employee noticed the panties in a variety of colors, styles and sizes were missing shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday, Harnden said. Each cost $15 to $28.

    Two display tables at the front of the store were cleared of the frilly, silky merchandise, and two other tables, one next to the cash register, were half-emptied, she said.

    A store manager would not discuss the theft. Phone messages were left Tuesday at corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

    Police don't think it was an inside job. "All the employees were busy" with customers, and no one noticed any suspicious shoppers, Harnden said.

    "It's probably a crime of opportunity," Harnden said. "There's any range of possibilities — we could have a pervert doing it ... (for) sexual gratification, it could be somebody who'd take (the underwear) to a flea market to sell it there or it could be for someone's personal use."

    Police may check flea markets and online auction sites such as eBay, Harnden said, "but if I were the consumer, I'd be very leery about buying undergarments from a disreputable source."

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