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a newbie needs some advice

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    Hi Guys,

    I've only just signed up to this-here forum and am in need of advice re: EpiTan. I bought into this at IPO due to a firm belief in the massive potential of the product, etc. etc. I had to sell my holdings a few months back for various reasons (still have options though, but have written them off), and was ready to buy back in at around .12, but by the time I had my money and a new investment account set-up, they had gone to about .16. So I thought I'd bide my time and bid .13. Now the rest is history! I'd need to bid about .25 to get in now.

    My dilemma is this... do I buy in now at the going rate, or do I wait for the options to expire, and buy in during July, because I definitely wanna be on the boat when the phase IIb results come through! What do you reckon they are capable of FALLING to during July and the start of August?

    I am viewing this from a perspective of holdings volume, not price, i.e. i have limited funds (student!) and want to maximise my number of shares, not worried about the actual stock price, per se (does that make sense? haha). I have $5k and want to own about 30,000 shares, so if I could get on at about .165 (which, funnily enough, is what I sold out at), I'd be rapt.

    I have been on them for quite a few rushes, once up to .32 or something, but that only ever lasts a month or two and they tumble back down experditiously. Can I expect this to hold true again?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, this is stressing me out! I've already missed out on a 100%+ profit for taking too long to get myself organised.
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