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a new year and a promising one

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    interesting year and quarter ahead with ESG. i think irrespective of when you bought in, last year was disappointing. obviously we were all pleasantly suprised when santos bought in and thought it would do great things from there. delays in reserves and drilling did not help.

    however as per ballieu research, it finished with some euphoria with what looks like an upwards trajectory in reserves and commercialisation.

    just wonder whether there has been any rethink on CSG since all the M & A happened over a year ago or whether the pause was due to funding caused by the global financial fisting.

    with ESG resources due to take into account new PEL's and Seams, surely it will exceed 10,000 PJ which is a huge number. its nearest comparison would be AOE although it is more advanced and obviously has more infrastructure. however if AOE were to be taken out, ESG would be the next largest.

    i remember discussing PES with david casey and his words are "we are no PES" meaning the quantum was much larger.

    we should get reserves upgrade in Jan and i think commentary should come with it suggesting next target from naomi seam etc - especially if they are ramping up their marketing and saleability.

    then you would think commercialisation plan should come. just hope in the new year they do not use words such as "soon" or "imminent" as they have proven not to be.

    fingers crossed that the new research out, drives the share price from monday onwards.

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