A new week - a new reset - a new start for "good????" govt

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    Well - isn't it great to be able to look forward to another week of merriment in Canberra.

    What will it be this week -

    Will Peta get the sack,
    how about Kevin Andrews,
    will we be building submarines in SA or buying them from Japan?
    will the "holocaust" get another insensitive mention?
    will Tony forget that the actual issues is that Australia imprisons children who have not committed any crime?
    will any adults appear in LNP headquarters?
    will Joe be seen anywhere any place his week?
    will we be getting further in debt from this disastrous govt?
    will more Australians be out of work by the end of the week?

    C'mon Tony for the sake of the nation all I want this week is a DD not a another disastrous performance from the LNP.
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