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    Hi Guys,

    Keep the faith in Proto. The depressed market has also not helped with the drop in the SP. Proto has achieved so much to date and we are so close now on a number of fronts in the growth of this company.

    The next six months will see a lot of the key milestones be achieved like the ML, DPEMP, Project Finance, BFS #1 and #2, Technical Report on Nickel Processing technology as well as the independent technical report on the processing technology apart from the other aspects relating to the other projects.

    Im also told Proto will be presented with the ML on Thursday next week at Parliament House in Hobart which is a major achievement for Proto.

    Now is the time to take advantage of the low SP if your able to see the big picture. I have done my homework on this company and have held through thick and thin. I feel we are not far off seeing the SP starting to truly reflect just how far this company has come and how close we are to the companys project earnings and substantial project pipeline.

    I continue to hold and add to my holdings with confidence.

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