UNI 0.00% $1.06 unilife medical solutions limited

a must read for all traders

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    Sorry bout the UNI symbol - this has nothing to do with any particular share

    ameritrade.com in the States charge US$10.99 per internet trade and have an offer for signing up, they will give you the 1st 30 trades in that month free.....They also supply you with real time quotes and stop losses are available for internet trades.....

    Is anyone aware of a similar broking firm in australia that offer low price internet trades with stop losses????

    VERY CURIOUS IF WE HAVE ANY THAT COMPETES WITH THIS...............................hope so though

    Also feel free to write what broking house you use, how much the trades are, and if you are happy with their service!!!!

    I trade with national online, Im happy with them, but am always looking for a better deal...

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