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A mulberry bush bash;

  1. 4,480 Posts.
    It is obvious to me 2centsWorth, that you are not fully aware
    of the full history of the “excellent ploy” mentioned above.

    This “excellent ploy” was exercised over an extended period of time
    and has scuttled many a start-up- initiative that may have benefited PIF members.
    I posted my contacts here to enable an off-forum dispassionate discussion of realistic measures.
    These contacts were removed by internal-report as confirmed by ‘Comments’ in your self-activated removal.

    Version IV all over again; where the REMOVAL is not activated by a moderator,
    but by internal act of personality attrition.
    To isolate the Point; posts need to be reported to be removed.
    Totally logical when presented with thousands of Posts every
    day on dozens of Forums.

    Hope this helps.
    If not, you may be interested to continue on [email protected]
    Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

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