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a million on the buy side

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    I see a million on the buy side for PCE currently. OK the price goes down to 2.4c but the sell price ramps up steeply to 5 cents.

    Obviously the annoucement about the start of operations at Kingaroy is having an effect. A 30% price rise in two hours will raise a few flags though.

    Drilling two 200m holes to the coal out there should only take a couple of weeks including setting up. Obviously more holes are needed to determine the structure of the coal bed, some piezometers are needed to establish groundwater gradients and flows, some above ground tapwork and pumps/flares and a portaloo are needed as well.

    Writing the EIS will take as long/longer than the initial drilling.

    A shame PCE didn't get a look in on the federal government's greenhouse gas reduction strategy whereas that Injune (Injune? Three blokes, a motorbike and a dog) gets a 100 MW methane powered plant using coal seam methane.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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