ADY 3.13% 1.7¢ admiralty resources nl.

a mate of mine just emailed me ady

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    You think you're freaking Bleeding!!!!

    YOu wanna hear my story???? You want to listen whilst I sob my heart out???? You ready for this???

    Saturday Dec 11th 2004. I'm sitting in an apartment in Adelaide (I was there for a 6 month contract) and I'm doing the Weinstein thing checking for volumes and breakouts, not much success on the Incredible Charts filters.

    So I say [email protected]$k it!! I'll check out the miners alphabetically and see what happens. Didn't take long before I found ADY. It had jumped to 24 mill in volume and had closed at 3.4 after opening at 3 on the Friday.

    I thought hmmmm might be a good opportunity.

    Monday Dec 13 9.30 am Adelaide time, 10.00 am Melbourne time. I put in a buy for 2 million at 3.6 coz that's where it opened and even with two opportunities to get my order filled at 3.7 I didn't take it.

    I thought "I don't want to chase it, if I don't get the 3.6 today I'll get it tomorrow."


    That 2 mill at 3.7 ($74,000) is today (on close) worth $360,000 and rising.

    Where will it end?? Each and every point it goes up is another $10,000 I miss out on.

    I still get drunk and cry on my wife's shoulder and she tries to console me but it doesn't help. I [email protected]$ked up big time.

    Just like when I sold PDN at 0.10!!!! I mean how many of these can a guy do before he just jumps off a tall building???

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