A lousy day !!!!!!

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    Just returned from a pleasant day at the zoo. Visited some of our relatives (just kidding) the chimps. Enjoyed the gorillas, especially the powerful eyeballing bewteen us. Felt sorry for the elephants and most of the larger animals locked up in compunds no large than a double house block. The elephants demonstrating signs of confinement & isolation, ie involentary & repetative movements (rocking from side to side for hours). Very sad. Tonight we swithed on the screens to check what the market had done. Why the selling of strong stocks on low volumes just before a possibly strong turnaround ?????? Does not make sense to me. XGP index volatility has hit its lowest historical levels again, suggesting less dumping & more restraint (a good thing). ma price. hmmmmm, its not going down, and its not rising either. Still a difficult market imho atm. Maybe if investors lose enough money they will exercise more restraint (especially that we are not in a crash situation, but rather early signs of the opposite)?

    Keep the faith.
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