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    I know biotechs are risky, but this one seems to be quietly achieving. Check out the website at


    HOMEX - Perth

    pSivida Limited (ASX:PSD) is pleased to announce that Professor
    Jeffrey Coffer of the Chemistry Department at Texas Christian
    University, Fort Worth, Texas (TCU), has recently been appointed as a
    collaborator with pSiMedica, our UK based operating subsidiary.

    Professor Coffer has a wealth of research experience in semiconductor
    nanocrystal synthesis, properties and characterization, with
    particular reference to porous silicon (BioSilicon(TM) when used in
    or on the human body). Professor Coffer has lead cutting edge
    research in the US on the chemical properties of porous silicon since

    In recent years, he and his team at TCU have been focusing on
    research in BioSilicon(TM) in the fields of orthopaedics and tissue
    engineering collaborating informally with pSiMedica, as well as
    researching silicon nanowires and rare earth incorporation into
    porous silicon for optoelectrical and biomedical applications.

    Gavin Rezos, Managing Director of pSivida, said "Our increased
    presence in the US is being recognized with top US researchers in the
    nano-silicon area joining with us. It is expected that our
    subsidiary, pSiMedica, will now move to a more formal relationship
    with Texas Christian University, in relation to the work being done
    by Professor Coffer, in conjunction with our own Professor Leigh

    In addition, pSiMedica's Professor Canham recently gave the invited
    keynote Drug Delivery and Therapeutics session speech at the US
    Materials Research Society Spring 2003 Conference in San Diego,
    recognizing his role in BioSilicon(TM).

    pSiMedica owns all intellectual property rights royalty free in
    relation to BioSilicon(TM) for which there are six granted patents,
    16 patent families with four more in development and over 65 patent

    Further information:

    Mr Gavin Rezos
    Managing Director
    pSivida Limited
    Tel: + 61 8 9226 5099
    [email protected]
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