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    Subsequent to the announcement by CST of the licencing deal with SSI for the proteins to be used in the Mark 2 version of QuantiferonTB we are currently eagerly awaiting some fresh news.

    Some of the news that we are awaiting are:

    1. The publication of the CDC "guidelines for use". This is a key issue as it will unlock US Government departments ability (or even requirement) to place orders. It is now twelve months since QFTB was granted FDA approval and that the CDC undertook the responsibilty to "craft the guidelines". The CDC have previously stated that the guidelines should be available in the fall (autumn). This week is the last week of the US fall. It is not unreasonable to assume that the delay in getting this document published is largely due to the attention that the CDC have had to put into terrorist related issues.

    2. Trials of the Mk2 test in Japan were due to be completed in October. Preliminary results were reported top be 99% accurate. We would be expecting the official results to be released soon. All indications are that Japan are very keen to get a test that will work for their posulation that is virtually 100% BCG vaccinated. QFTBMk2 is the only such test. The Japna target market is 25m tests / year. The company has publically indicated that significant sales to Japan should commence within 24 months. This is earlier than originally indicated in the prospectus and there are reports that it may be even sooner.

    To my eyes, the trading in CST last week indicated some gentle accumulation going on. Maybe some news is about to break?

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