A list from Quicken of companies in TROUBLE.

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    The Critical List
    We have broken the critical list into two separate tables. The first shows those companies that, if they continue their current revenue and spending patterns, and don't raise any further capital, will exhaust their cash reserves by June. These companies have not provided any details in their Appendix 4C statements of access to further funding facilities:

    List 1: No Additional Funding Sources Disclosed
    Chrome Global Limited CGB
    SkyNetGlobal Limited SKG
    Swish Group Limited SWG
    Terraplanet Limited TPL
    Tele2000 Limited TLE

    At current burn rates, the following companies would exhaust their stated ending cash balance before the end of June. These companies have detailed alternate financing arrangements which they can use to help them continue operating into the future.

    List 2: Additional Funding Sources Disclosed

    Planar Semiconductor Ltd PLN Loan facilities of $8m and credit standby arrangement of $750k
    Medical Monitors Limited MDM Has forecast a positive cash flow for next quarter
    Tele-IP limited TEE Will generate increased receipts next quarter on sales made in March quarter
    Aerosonde Holdings Ltd AEH $1 million loan facility fully utilised
    Optum Group Limited OPM Finalising $200k loan facility and received $125k from third party
    Lion Equities Limited LEL Used $52k from $85k loan facility
    Uecomm Limited UEC Used $28.3 million of an $80 million loan facility
    Startrack Communications Ltd SRT Has $1m loan facility & seeking to raise $6m in convertible note issue
    CBD Online Limited CBD Used $2.27m of a $3m loan facility
    Cockatoo Ridge Wines Ltd CKR Has an unused loan facility of $5m
    Aucxis Limited AXL Has $100k in loan facilities
    Cosmos Limited COO Has fully utilised its $2.2 million loan facility
    Clarity International Ltd CLA Has $132k in unused loan facilities and two American Express cards without credit limits.
    Esec Limited ESX Has raised $500k through capital raising
    Sonacom Limited SNC Received a grant of $2.6 million since the end of the quarter
    Techstar Limited TSR Has used $768k of $771k loan facility
    Voxson Limited VXS Has a letter of credit in place at the end of the quarter.

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