A Liberal Backbencher's True Fear

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    At the end of the day it comes down to self interest. For Liberals who want to rip benefits off all and sundry, it's funny how worried they are about being ripped from the taxpayers titty themselves. Forget about unity, if they can throw Abbott out the door they might remove enough of his stench to salvage their seat, even if the government goes down.

    No-one has more skin in the political game than a first-term member of parliament in a marginal seat, just ahead of two-term member.

    That generous federal parliamentary life-time pension if you lose your seat? You have to have held it for eight years to qualify.

    At least a two-term MP collects six months’ severance pay - a “relocation allowance” - if the ex-member intends to seek other employment. The once-rs don’t even get that.

    That focuses the mind on the importance of holding the seat, not just whether the government hangs on at the next election.

    Otherwise the backbencher’s base $195,000 a year, plus various allowances, disappears. Three years as a backbencher isn’t a particularly valuable line on the CV in a crowded political market.

    And if government is lost, the $337,000 ministerial base pay drops to $244,000 as a shadow minister, if that role is available, never mind the even greater the loss of power, prestige and purpose.

    Among the other ranks in safe seats, the extra cash that comes with the spoils of office chairing various committees disappears.

    Thus an unpopular Prime Minister and bad opinion polls aren’t just politics – it’s a living. It’s personal. No wonder there are “discussions” going on.

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