VCR ventracor limited

a lesson to be learnt!

  1. bbm
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    Do not, I repeat, do not listen to rampers...they will make your capital disappear faster than you can abuse them.

    The experiment that I have conducted this afternoon has passed with flying colours.

    It just goes to show me the happenings of a forum.

    You can all abuse the [email protected] out of me but I don't care....this is just a step in my trading education. I have learnt quite a bit from this experience.

    "I am amazed that you got away with that one".....?????please explain.

    Me, the market manipulator?? a chance in hell. The psychology manipulator maybe.

    You think I should be banned for that?????? What for, what did I do wrong? Is there anything that I did that others have not done in the past???????????????????

    You're on the

    "That figures" in what way, that I'm a ramper????

    Busted by ASIC?...what do they have on me? that I ramped a stock with no substance or insider trading??

    The lesson for very very careful in what people post, particularly if they hold that stock.

    For the record, I do not hold (and have never held) vcr.
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