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    HOMEX - Perth

    The Directors of Central Kalgoorlie Gold Mines Limited (CKG) are
    pleased to announce updated drilling results of the recently
    completed first phase of drilling at the New Bulong Project east of

    The first phase of drilling was completed by CKG in May. Sixteen RC
    drill holes totalling 1,286 metres were drilled and intersected gold
    mineralisation in all but two of the holes with multiple zones
    evident. Best mineralization was as follows:


    NBB 2 49m 56m 7m 6.72 g/t Au
    NBB 4 79m 81m 2m 10.80 g/t Au
    NBB 7 46m 50m 4m 7.72 g/t Au
    57m 61m 4m 6.52 g/t Au
    NBB 8 46m 47m 1m 6.43 g/t Au
    56m 57m 1m 4.21 g/t Au
    79m 81m 2m 5.70 g/t Au
    NBB 10 34m 35m 1m 9.02 g/t Au
    52m 55m 3m 3.90 g/t Au
    NBB 11 30m 32m 2m 5.4 0g/t Au
    39m 40m 1m 4.14 g/t Au
    45m 49m 4m 3.80 g/t Au
    NBB 12 62m 65m 3m 3.70 g/t Au
    85m 86m 1m 6.03 g/t Au

    Drilling by a previous explorer had returned intersections of:

    19m at 8.5g/t Au in BRC33 from 38m to 57m and
    6m at 4.3g/t Au in BRC32 from 35m to 41m.

    CKG has since completed the second phase of drilling at the Boundary
    Prospect which totalled 11 new holes and deepening of holes NBB 5 and
    NBB 6. Total metres drilled in the second phase of drilling was 1,008
    metres. Results from the second phase are expected to be available
    prior to the end of the June quarter.

    Drilling was carried out to further define a zone of gold
    mineralization indicated by previous drilling at the Boundary
    Prospect which is one of a number of highly prospective zones covered
    by the farm in agreement between CKG and Yilgarn Gold Limited. The
    Boundary Prospect lies approximately 2 kms south of the Virgin Dam
    Prospect where it is planned to recommence drilling shortly.

    Results in excess of 1g/t Au are summarised below:

    NBB 1 32m 36m 4m 1.65 g/t Au
    NBB 2 49m 56m 7m 6.72 g/t Au including
    54m 55m 1m 29.20 g/t Au
    65m 69m 4m 2.36 g/t Au
    NBB 3 33m 39m 6m 2.50 g/t Au
    NBB 4 41m 43m 2m 1.64 g/t Au
    51m 53m 2m 2.26 g/t Au
    55m 59m 4m 1.70 g/t Au
    79m 86m 7m 4.31 g/t Au including
    79m 81m 2m 10.80 g/t Au
    NBB 5 68m 70m 2m 3.35 g/t Au
    NBB 6 32m 50m 18m 1.20 g/t Au
    NBB 7 41m 51m 10m 3.83 g/t Au including
    46m 50m 4m 7.72 g/t Au
    57m 61m 4m 6.56 g/t Au
    NBB 8 45m 52m 7m 2.12 g/t Au including
    46m 47m 1m 6.43 g/t Au
    63m 67m 4m 1.44 g/t Au
    78m 83m 5m 2.86 g/t Au including
    80m 81m 1m 9.18 g/t Au
    NBB 9 32m 33m 1m 1.32g/t Au
    38m 39m 1m 1.47g/t Au
    NBB 10 31m 32m 1m 1.89g/t Au
    34m 35m 1m 9.02g/t Au
    38m 39m 1m 1.69g/t Au
    48m 50m 2m 2.9g//t Au including
    49m 50m 1m 4.51g/t Au
    51m 55m 4m 3.53g/t Au
    NBB 11 24m 25m 1m 1.15g/t Au
    30m 32m 2m 5.41g/t Au
    39m 40m 1m 4.14g/t Au
    45m 51m 6m 2.90g/t Au including
    45m 49m 4m 3.78g/t Au
    NBB 12 45m 48m 3m 1.52g/t Au
    55m 57m 2m 1.92g/t Au
    62m 67m 5m 2.75g/t Au including
    62m 65m 3m 3.70g/t Au
    76m 77m 1m 3.09g/t Au
    86m 88m 2m 3.50g/t Au including
    86m 87m 1m 6.03g/t Au

    NBB 14 30m 31m 1m 1.86g/t Au
    43m 45m 2m 1.55g/t Au
    NBB 15 45m 46m 1m 1.21g/t Au
    68m 69m 1m 1.17g/t Au
    72m 73m 1m 1.35g/t Au
    81m 82m 1m 1.29g/t Au
    NBB 16 41m 43m 2m 1.55g/t Au
    56m 57m 1m 2.70g/t Au
    59m 61m 2m 1.55g/t Au
    63m 64m 1m 1.44g/t Au


    NBB 1 4913 1976 -60 270 96m
    NBB 2 4913 1985 -60 270 90m
    NBB 3 4932 1974 -60 270 80m
    NBB 4 4932 1986 -60 270 90m
    NBB 5 4949 1967 -60 270 70m
    NBB 6 4948 1975 -60 270 70m
    NBB 7 4948 1985 -60 270 75m
    NBB 8 4947 1994 -60 270 90m
    NBB 9 4969 1969 -60 270 60m
    NBB 10 4969 1979 -60 270 70m
    NBB 11 4969 1988 -60 270 70m
    NBB 12 4969 1996 -60 270 95m
    NBB 13 4991 1964 -60 270 70m
    NBB 14 4991 1973 -60 270 80m
    NBB 15 4991 1982 -60 270 96m
    NBB 16 4991 1991 -60 270 84m

    A L Gerick

    Technical information contained in this report has been compiled by
    William D Goode. Mr Goode is a Member of the Australasian Institute
    of Mining and Metallurgy with over 20 years experience in the
    Australian mining industry and has sufficient experience relevant to
    the style of mineralization and the type of deposit being reported on
    to qualify as a Competent Person as defined in the 1999 Edition of
    the Australasian Code for Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore
    Reserves. Mr Goode is an independent geological contractor and
    consents to the inclusion of the information in this report.

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