A Growth Industry

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    A Growth Industry

    Can someone assist in who would be the winners if this industry gets of the ground?

    Green rebate for ethanol announced

    Environmentally friendly fuels including ethanol will get a green rebate, Prime Minister John Howard said.
    Mr Howard said excise would be imposed on ethanol and other biofuels which until now had been excise-free.
    But ethanol and biofuels sourced from Australia would qualify for a production subsidy at the same level as the excise.

    The subsidy will run for 12 months.

    It will effectively act as a tariff on overseas-produced ethanol.

    Mr Howard said the decision was to encourage sustainable energy sources for fuel for the future.
    "This short-term production subsidy will provide a targeted means of maintaining the use of biofuels in transport in Australia, while longer term arrangements are considered by the government regarding the future of the emerging renewable energy industry," he said in a statement.

    The decision is also a key plank in the government's efforts to help the beleaguered sugar industry.
    Ethanol can be produced from cane molasses, with sugar producer keen to diversify into the ethanol production market.
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