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a great buy or just a good one to watch

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    Hi ALL,

    Just a quick update of what I have heard on TTR Drilling Program.

    The drilling has had a few small delays with the drilling Company ACN having to replace a few bits which they picked up from Kalgoorlie on Friday morning that will explain to you all why it is not completed yet.

    As of Friday ACN only had a further 300m of drilling to complete there work for Tectonic and then great news to follow.

    These are just things i have heard around town since been in Kalgoorlie from last week. I beleive the reports will be very positive and the next 6-12 months a new ara for Tectonic

    Do your own research... could be just gossip I pass this information on not to tell you to buy this stock but definately put it in your watch list for the next 12months

    I buy and sell as I see fit and take my posts with a pinch of salt as I am a trader who likes to see everyone profit and enjoy sharing what I hear around the tracks.

    I Own this stock and have since 17 Jan at a Average of 0.09 cents and have no concerns at the current price of 0.077

    As these are only my words i hope you take what you need from this post good or bad.
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