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    I thought I'd try my hand at writing. So I've written a little imaginary piece. It is entirely fiction and definitely not aimed at any particular forum poster. However, it is the anonymous nature of posting on the internet and the need for people to feel important that led me to write this.

    He looks older than his 20 years, balding prematurely, dressed in rags and smelling like he hasn't had a wash for weeks. He is getting obese from a diet of take aways and junk foods.

    There he is. Sitting in his dingy, rented room with soiled clothes and empty cans strewn about. He is in front of his third hand computer, still operating on Windows 95.

    He is passing the time away, waiting for his next dole check when he might celebrate with a Spumante. But in the meantime he can be a hot shot millionaire forum share trader. Noone can see him. Noone can smell him. Noone can identify him.

    So day follows day, fantasy follows fantasy, as he makes his imaginary trades and imaginary fortunes.

    But with little formal education, a decided lack of analytical skills and little real understanding of the share market he keeps his comments to............
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