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    woman was viewing her deceased husband at the mortuary. She was looking
    a little disappointed:"my," she tells the mortician "he certainly is not
    dressed very well...especially compared to these other gentlemen you have
    here" "perhaps I'll go home and get him some better clothes for the
    funeral ceremony"

    The mortician says "well, ma'am, you don't have to do that; it's quite
    easy for me to put the clothes of this other man--over there--on your
    husband...and no one will ever know the difference during the funeral";"we
    do it all the time"

    The lady comes back a few hours before the funeral and sees her hubby all
    nicely dressed. "I want to thank you so much" "This must have been quite a
    chore..what with all the stiffness and everything" "I really appreciate

    The mortician says "No bother at all ma'am, we just swapped heads!"
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