A gob-smacking spectacular run on gold imminent

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    Looks like gold is gearing up for a push through the all important $325 barrier tonight in the US.

    I would love to see it close at or above that critical $327.50 level so that we would get a confirmed double bottom on the Comex chart. This would mean the commencement of an unequivocal bull market in gold and would make what we have had thus far like a storm in a tea cup.

    Once $327.50 is breached that would signal a green light for a very bullish run - and, in my view the intensity and speed of the run in both POG and gold equities will be "gob-smacking spectacular" (how's that for hyperbole?)

    It is then that the big institutional money would pour into gold as program trading could trigger the lomg awaited 'safe" buy signal.

    This is my considered opinion only - and my money is riding heavily on this prognostication.

    As always ... do your own research ... and may all the HC goldbugs prosper.

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