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    Hi Fig Jam

    Have to put a point of view here skewed more towards supporting the drug companies.
    As much as we all love to hate them.

    To develop a new drug costs hundreds of millions & to this extent it is a bit like mineral exploration. Very expensive to do & most of the efforts result in failure.
    But on those odd occasions when a company is successful, it can be a bonanza.

    When a new drug is finally released it is after years of development & testing
    for efficacy & looking for long term side effects. Then it is released in a mininum way for human trials & only after that released to the public at large.

    There are ALWAYS some side effects with EVERY drug. Some people not effected at all & perhaps 1 in 100 1 in 1000 1 in 10000 etc with some of them
    In many cases the side effects are mild & cease once the drug is stopped.
    Occasionally the side effects are serious

    In the case of the cox 2 inhibitors Vioxx etc
    HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people around the world have taken them & obtained relief from their arthritis & other painful inflamatory conditions and had no problems.
    Now they have found a very very rare but noetheless fatal side effect.

    (Based on the same logic perhaps we should ban the automobile. ..beneficial to most.. but can cause death)

    America is litigation crazy & ALL companies in general & perhaps DrRug companiies in particular, do need some "protection " from trigger happy lawyers & their class actions

    Two examples
    Merrell Dow used to make a drug called Debendox for morning sickness
    In USA mothers who gave birth to a baby with any sort of deformity were regularly suing the Company if they had been taking Debendox.
    Statistically 1 in evey 100 births does give rise to some deformity anyway ( Dont hold me to that 1 in 100 it might be 1 in 150 or wharever but you get the idea )
    Merrell got sick of defending themselves in court time after time & always winning.The time & cost simply were not worth it. They simply withdrew Debendox from the market.

    I was talking to one of the local Gynechologists in Bendigo who related a story of one of his colleagues in America where his prof indemnity insurance was hundreds of thousands per year
    This US Gyne was consulted by a woman in her mid 30s to have her 1st child. He said I know you.You are a lawyer with 2 legal cases against me at the moment for malpractise. Why are you coming to me to have your child. She said because I know you are the best & the cases are only the "game" I play.
    He said it might be a game to you, but my professional reputation is on the line. All the anxiety & upset you have caused me not to mention the cost, when all I am doing is professionally doing my job,
    He refused to take her on as a patient contacted all his colleagues who did the same & the lovely lady in question had to travel thousands of killometres to find someone to attend to her.

    So what is my point here..
    Mistakes can & do happen in medicine.
    No two humans are exactly the same & their responses to any sort or treatment can vary.
    Noone can guarantee a satisfactory outcome every time.
    Drug companies with the best will in the world & millions of successful outcomes do occasionally encounter an unexpecteced side
    They do need some sort of "protection " from those rare events, which are completely unknown in advance

    One last thing
    It is generally recognised that if aspirin was discovered today it would never be released for human use......too many side effects
    Kidney damage
    G.I. Bleeding ... Stomach Ulcers... anaemia
    Can preciptate Asthma attacks which could be fatal.

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