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a fresh bunch of motivated newbie retailers

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    Hey Wal,

    You've done it again.
    You have delivered another nice fresh bunch of motivated retail newbies.
    They havent been through the JPR, GDN, AGY, URA, MPO debacles.
    They are wide-eyed optimists, righteous, they get angry and prepared to die in defence of the share price.

    Just as well, because the *prop* budget seems to strain at times and we still have all of November to go to convince *customers* the the options are not a lemon, and so much inside volume to be *worked through*.

    Anyway, I sold my CVI shares on Friday.
    For enough of a profit to finance my several CSR SPP parcels.
    Astute readers will have realised that CSR delivered to me a same day arbitrage profit of 11.4% which annualises to 14690198577444400000%. Better than Buffett but a little below average by Hotcopper standards.

    Now, what am I going to do with those bl00dy CVI options ?
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