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    I do not pretend to have a specific knowledge or to know the future....But I was reading a few books in finance and the way the market/exchange operates...well, here is a few tips/comments:

    1- Victimized traders: people who think they are all of us last year when mhl went to 6 cents and "our friend" sold his shares...and we do not know how many of "his friends" sold at that price. The volume used to be around 70 millions shares per day...

    Weather you like or not: you and I were a victimized traders...and if u are brave enough, you would say a victimized gamblers....

    2- If you are not really connected to the managment, you will know the good/bad news after the price is already factored in by inside traders or by bluffers.

    3- In the long run: you will loose money because you are not an informed trader! you will loose money to the informed traders and in the case of mhl, I beleive you could easyly name one of them!

    4- Going to the agm and having a coffee with a smily director, does not make you an informed traders!

    5- Yes, I lost money in the speec stocks...lucky, not
    too much money.

    ** Spec stocks should be banned from asx.

    Here is my advice and it is for free: "if you or your spouse does not have sex with your broker or one of the directors, do not trade the spec stocks".

    ** This post relevant to all spec stocks
    ** do not let the rich well connected people take your money!!!!!!

    Good luck to all,

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