a fitting farewell to yasser arafat, page-2

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    What a farce....did u watch the funeral...what an undisciplined swarm of primitive psychos.

    Surprised they didnt shoot the blades off the helicopters firing all those AK47's in the air.

    Couldnt even organise a funeral, couldnt even open the doors of the choppers...What chance , any sort of peace settlement.
    A dozen People standing on the coffin while they were trying to take it away, people bashing other people, whacking them with sticks and pushing them off the damn coffin.
    What a sad and pathetic circus.

    Fancy living next door to that lot..130 injured .. the constant stream of ambulances even upstaged the funeral.

    When was the last time you heard of anyone being injured at a funeral for chrissake...............lolol
    Ratbag fumbling with automatic weapons, some couldnt get them to work, others were c0cking their weapon while the barrel was facing intot he crowd.

    wonder how many shot the guy standing next to him by accident..
    All i could do was shake my head in disbelief.

    Looks like the only thing Yasser ever achieved apart from mass murder was to prove the theory of "Lord of the Flies."


    Im going out to enjoy my saturday , ill leave the nutters here to vent their spleen and make excuses for the unexcuseable.
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