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    As casesy wakes this morning wherever he is in the world on our dime - living it up on his smoke and mirrors road trip does he really have an idea of what he is doing next.

    As he lifts his head from the goose down pillow (by the way I am sure it would not be your domestic goose down - it would be from the more desirable european gosling's) I wonder if he has a thought out game plan - would'nt it be nice if he said to himself "ok, Arrow deal in full swing lets give the market our flow rates - 2 days later lets put a spin on the concept plan we invisage - best case scenario"would'nt that be good fellow esg holders - BUT don't hold your breath, I am convinced this guy has no idea - look at how long it has been since any significant announcement, I really hope we don't slowly drift back to the 70's, but I suspect we may well do that - what a shame our ceo has not got what it takes.
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