a day for celebration

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    Pipes our Prime Minister today - (of all days!!)

    "This is a day for celebration"!! ??????????

    Now, this must have grated on the ears of the poor souls who've lost their jobs at Bluescope. Did they think she was speaking of them?

    Oh, No! Turns out -

    Ghaddafi is supposed to have folded up his tent and walked. Or is about to - when the goat stew runs out. She was ecstatic about Libya!! Trying to do her Margaret Thatcher - "stateswoman" act - again. HOW insensitive of her to make such a pronouncement - on this day in particular!

    I think this is a classic and unforgivable example of a Prime Minister drunk with her own power, flsuh with her own gigantic ego, out of touch with the people, and entirely oblivious to anyone else's suffering. And the sneering, caustic, nasty, caustic and vicious men she surrounds herself with are equally hard hearted - uncompassionate, and have hides as thick as rhinos.

    It is time for Australian people to ask - very very seriously - is this some sick, deliberate ploy to bring this country to it's knees? IS there a background moives going on which we can't see? Or are too naive to imagine?

    Some Machiavellian - or Marxist - Grand Design?

    A day for celebration - it's pathetic!
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