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    That's the way SOB - the old GOYA (get off your ar$%) technique - ask the questions of the guy that should know - well done to you.

    It's revealing that he points out that clients may not want their competitors to know they have problems and hence contract announcements have layers of complexity surrounding them - makes sense to me.

    I also like the way he nominates 2011 as the time frame for Gorgon work - beats saying that "there's a deal around the corner" just to pump the sp. It's in keeping with his theme of not using the announcements process as a marketing tool. He's consistent at least. It's why I think we have a good CEO who's interested in building a company and not an illusion.

    If this gets to 0.50 then I'm in for a chunk more without any hesitation. If I get it wrong then so be it!

    I think all too often that we lose sight of the bigger picture particularly when we read posts with ever narrowing negative content.

    Disappointing sp at the moment without a doubt but it was at ~0.28 earlier in the year so the sun is still shining.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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