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    Been looking @ a few numbers and trying to predict future cashflows and size of potential profits and impact on current/future share price:

    ( I have tried to be quite conservative with my numbers)

    *Ventura - 340 BOPD I say 300BOPD - VPE share - 120 BOPD (40%)

    *Mirage - 500 BOPD I say 400BOPD - VPE share - 160 BOPD

    *Jingemia - 4000 BOPD - VPE share - 200 BOPD (5%)

    *Rookwood - 200 BOPD x 2 wells=400 - VPE share - 120 BOPD

    * TOTAL 600 BOPD x 30 days = 18,000 Barrels month

    *18,000 x 12 = 216,000 Barrels/Year

    *216,000 Barrels x $14.00 = $3,024,000 Year

    ** Does not include Hal (20 Barrels a day - insignificant)

    *** does not include future cash flows from HORNET - (this from International TME resources Inc. - a Dallas based company that have a interest in PEL 115 drilling):

    "Victoria Petroleum drilled a 9,000-foot well on the PEL 115 permit and hit a 100-foot gas pay zone in the target Patchawarra Formation. They were not able to get a drill stem test because the gas flows were so high they had to go ahead and set 7” casing. Generally, we’re talking 5.5-inch casing here in the States for a big gas well. From all reports, this is quite a gas zone that has been encountered." ( testing to occur Jan or FEB)

    Problem here is obtaining a gas contract and how much will it be ????? but some constant revenues will eventually be obtained.

    6 more wells to be drilled in PEL 115 this year. Going by the industry average in the Coopers basin 3 of these should be successful.

    So is the 4c current share price the right price for this 1.5 billion share company ???

    comments welcomed/ errors ?? things that I`ve forgotten?? Note these are projections only on a conservative basis...

    I hold VPE

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