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    I'm not in a position to predict a price range for MUL but according to their VSAT product, I can see a very good potential. However, the company seems a bit short of cash which worries me. Should they be able to launch the SAT project in a professional way, then certainly this thing is gonna be worth a lot more than what it currently is. Last days activities have all been buys and looking at the volumes I'd say some investors are loading up. Well, we shall see. $1 seems a bit high for this baby, based on the number of shares published. They would have to do VERY VERY well over the next few months... The days when stocks just gained 100 times more value over night are gone. Investors like to see figures and then they will eventually buy into. Just because they have a potentially good product doesn't make them worth $1/share. The float is so huge they would have to make half a billion $ to move the price close to $1. Good luck... I am holding shares in MUL and I'm optimistic (Which is why I'm holding shares). But I'm not a dreamer anymore. Let's see how it goes. It seems to look for support at 0.02 at the moment.
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