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a chartist's perspective

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    Boy has ELM had a good run or what?
    Over the last couple sessions we have reached price equilibrium (or as Gann puts it - time and price are squared) where supply demand is about equal and prices are steady.
    Where to from here?
    The ELM daily chart follows:

    [The first thing I notice is that the momentum oscillators are converging in overbought territory - bearish.
    The second thing is the little gap at $1.545 opened on 19/01.
    It's only 1 tick but 80% of these get closed in any retracement.
    The third is that (although not updated for today's bar) we have a swing high made today at $1.79 and combined with the convergence of the momentum oscillators in overbought this increases dramatically the odds of a retracement.
    If we assume the operative swing is the rally from the $1.15 low (29/12/2010) to the $1.89 high (24/01/2011) then we get the 45 - 60% target zone of $1.56 to $1.38.
    Interestingly, the top of the zone matches the gap target and the lower target matches the old resistance at $1.375 that should now be support.
    Thus I conclude that probabilites (80%)now favour a retracement to $1.545 as a minimum and possibly $1.38 as an outside chance (20%).
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