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a chartist help

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    hope someone can help me with a chart.

    dont have any great charting software....can someone suggest any free stuff?

    also am curious if anyone has done the trend lines for something like the following.

    late nov 08 low to start off 09 high

    and then latish december 98 low in parallel and going through last sp.

    average or closing price doesnt bother me, just as long as its sticking to the same on both.

    lastly what are people using for their fib levels, am curious. I would have thought. 2.40 to 3.45ish...
    but maybe I should go for 2.92 to 3.45

    I know, cheaky questions possibly but people here do sometimes come accross happy to share, regardless of motive and so everyones expertise is appreciated.

    thanks in advance.
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