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    Over the last few weeks or so we have seen some interesting developments in this industry as the players start to position themselves for the ATM reform.

    1)Cashcard is for sale but has just done a total package deal with Linfox.
    2)ANZ is advertising itself as the most convenient network in Australia.
    3)NAB is offering "free" ATM access for only $12 a month. However the customer still has to apply online for the deal, and at $12 a month they have to visit an ATM more than 6 times a month to make it pay. (Just quietly, I dont think many clients will take up the opportunity, because anyone who is that careful with fees is probably using a NAB ATM for free already).
    4) All the major banks are now charging $2.00 for foreign ATM fees, setting the market and public, presumably, for the base case fee structure.
    5)ICP has been making big noises about joining the fray (and interestingly has gone from completely dismissing the upside to surcharging to embracing it within two announcements of each other in the last 2 weeks!)
    6)The credit unions and smaller institutions are still arguing for the retention of a partial interchange fee as part of a dual system. The larger banks appear to have accepted that interchange fees are to become a thing of the past.
    7)CUS has just bought $5 mill (500?) of ATM machines (part of the capex in the 1st half numbers) which it would presumably be looking to roll out.
    8)CUS continue to follow up enquiries regarding branding opportunities for their machines.
    9)ABA update to the RBA talked about the Access code being ready by April/May which is the last piece of the jigsaw before the ATM's can be changed over.

    Reading between the lines, it would be hard to disguise the fact that the industry now accepts that ATM reform will happen.
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