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    Can anyone find a company that has better financial than these ?

    Market Capitalization of company $99 million on current share price, yet will have $30 million in the bank by end of next month.

    Revenue has been doubling every six months for the last 4 reports.

    Profits doubling every six months for last 3 reports and forecast profits for next half year. Company has a good history in meeting forecasts.

    It is forecast to make approx 30 million in profit next financial year, while stock market value of shares just $99 mill.

    ASC is so obviously undervalued at the moment, I believe this may be due to lag in share price behind their recent market performance. But eventually the share price is going to catch up. The recent climb should also give it a bit of press, the company starting a brokers roadshow. Based on the amount of money it is making,and its growth rates, I believe it should be capitalized at over double what it is now.

    If someone can find better revenue/profit growth, and undercapitalization, Iwould love to see it.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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