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A call made to NC

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    So... one of the posters on here said GI time to make a call to Nick. As reluctant as I was to (considering I have so many times before) I made the call. I don't know why, as I wasn't worried about anything.

    Firstly, I felt horrible. He was in the middle of having boxes loaded on a truck to his move to DC while managing his kids. BUT, in true NC form, he took my call.

    So.....I asked, how are things, are you worried about the share price dip. His words were (to the best of my dictation of them), and I have to say I love this guy was "if people want to sell, go for it, then more the fool them and more for the ones that get the story"

    He went onto to say that he has been in markets for a while, but just doesn't get why people would sell now? There is no bad news, there is no delays, there is only positive positive positive all the way.

    He also went onto to tell me (before he really had to go) that all those that decide there is a reason to sell out, will be gravely disappointed about their choice as there is news to come with the first being a clear update on progress and the other he called MS.

    So.... all you sellers out there that think you have it figured, thank you...I have a little bit left to buy!

    Thanks NC thanks AJX
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