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    Last time i did this I did the bad, the sad, and the good (or something like that).

    Lots and lots of stuff has happened since of course, but nothing I felt warranted sharing here.

    I've just sent a looooonnngggg email to a very good friend speaking about life and stuff and other things that matter ... and then thought that a few here might appreciate a small part of it I'm willing to share.

    So, from a cabby (Yellow 106 for the Brisbane folks) here 'tis-

    Had a job on Sat. to .. C........ Street ......

    Arrived at the house to meet a young tattooed bearded man helping the sickest looking person I've ever seen in my whole life walk to/get into my cab. I've seen people who died the very next day (1 in 1979 in particular - he had cancer in the muscles of his heart and was literally green in the face when I saw him) but none of the people I'd seen looked like this young girl ... who was the guy's sister.

    While driving them to emergency at the PA I 'overheard' that she'd taken some pill(s) that a girl had given/sold her in a bar on Friday night, that she'd spent the night in Vic Park with her 'boyfriend' and that he had dropped her home at her place when she 'started going bad' and he had then simply vanished.

    Apparently the bro' had rung her on this morning and, alarmed by her 'conversation', had gone around to find her in this really really bad state. He'd rung for a cab - to get her to hospital and ( through either karma or kismet) I got the job.

    Also overheard on the way there that he was on a suspended jail sentence - but was going to "seriously educate" her boyfriend (my words) once he got her out of harm's way. He fully realised that it meant he'd go inside.

    And so I dropped them at the PA hospital, and continued on my merry little way.

    I've held myself for many years to a verse I read I don't know where. It says -

    There's so much good in the worst of us,
    And so much bad in the best,
    It ill behoves any of us
    To talk about the rest.

    I like it.

    And so, there 'tis.

    Be thankful for what you do have, eh.

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