BIG 0.00% $2.22 big un limited

a buyer came in ...

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    And took a lazy couple of million at 18.5c.

    RAU sales currently at 19.5c today DESPITE market weakness.

    Getting close to 20c now isn't it Macrae12?

    Remember your infamoous one word post about me -"galah" when I predicted that RAU would hit 20 cents when RAU was a few cents? Of course I didn't see it at the time.

    A bit of foresight helps when carefully reading company reports PLUS doing one's own research on the projects which of course includes looking up any history.

    Your "due diligence" as you called it has obviously not come up to par according to the market.

    As you have a chimpanzee at the bottom of your posts I assume your "galah" comment was made by that talking chimpanzee!

    I think your chimpanzee is now THE "galah."

    It's just a pity for those investors who were influenced by your numerous negative posts about RAU and sold out for a few cents.

    It's a hard lesson .. but I guess if they learn it well they will be better investors/traders for it.

    Always take responsibility for your own investment decisions.

    Maybe like me they will also place plenty of nics on ignore.
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