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    Yesterday's trading was abnormal and interesting.
    Still trying to work out the "tea leaves" on that one.

    An unusually high turn over.
    A couple of big sellers.
    Price stable and threatening to make new all time highs.
    Has been close to all time highs for weeks now.
    TA analysis is apparently positive.

    Me thinks we are seeing the effects of institutional analysis of statistics -- to be released in the quarterly report at the end of this month.

    The message being that the numbers to be released in this report will be positive.
    And/or have positive implications for Anvil's near future profits and corporate developments.

    Consequently institutions are now tidying up - accumulating - anticipating.
    Either these institutions have an inkling of what the report will present or they have done the figures themselves.
    Probably both!

    The presumption is a strong quarterly report and re-evaluatation of share price to higher levels.

    Beware that it is not unusual for share price to fall on a positive report - institutions having already pre-empted the market.
    But to recover strongly in weeks following.

    Some followers are usually disappointed with every quarterly report.
    They are looking to positive announcements and warm fuzzies.

    Remember such reports are a clinical satistical rendition of progress during preceding months.
    To release new information would be to indicate that information relevant to market and AVL share price has been held.
    Also it would be unwise for Anvil management to "pretty up" such reports in order to push (ramp?) the share price.
    Simply "not on".

    For me then - the market (driven by institutions) is indicating the quarterly statistics when analysed and extrapolated will probably bring a positive re-evaluation of Anvil.

    Bear in mind any such positive outcomes will most likely be built into the share price by the time the Quarterly Report is released.
    Hence the phenomenom of a regression in share price - minor - on reports release.

    That's how I see it anyhow.

    Your guess is as good as.


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