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    Hello all,

    A bad day for the FNT share price indeed...

    I am relatively new to investing in shares so take my post for what it is worth.

    It seems within this forum environment excitement can get a lot of holders carried away with dreams of where the SP may be after the "BIG" announcements.

    I read this forum daily and really enjoy reading all the posts. No one is on ignore :)

    A lot of information good and bad that is given here can be right on the money in terms of time frames, SP movement ect, there are also a number of holders here that talk with Peter and that insight is invaluable.

    The FNT story is a fantastic one and from where I'm laying (on the floor in front of my laptop) nothing within FNT has change for the worse from when I purchased the shares. In fact things have only gotten better.

    In the beginning I was to hold these shares for 12 months, that time has almost passed and after reassessing I will most likely hold these shares well in to the future.

    The number 1 reason I am in FNT was a tip off from a friend about the OK Tedi JV, this has not even begun yet. This is to say the least annoying and defiantly an anti climax but it still has not changed. The ground that the drills will be set on is still the same ground and what ever is in the ground good or bad is still there. The JV is still in the works and it is only a matter of time.

    As for Andewa from reading the forums here I gathered the general view that anything at or over 0.5g per tonne of gold for the first hole was a good result and the announcement out today is enough for me to think... it is a good result.

    But then the share price has dropped, there are quite a few people that have purchased this share in it's former heights and I can only imagine how that must feel now.

    The share market from what I see from the shares I watch and the news on TV and post on this forum is not in good shape at the moment. It may be okay today but who knows what will happen to it tomorrow. I own retail stores and that is how the world is at the moment. Things are down but the future is bright.

    Getting back to the point FNT is as good as it has been since I purchased my shares almost 12 months ago and although it is still a punt, it's the same punt that we all purchased into.

    The SP will do as it does but the results will speak for themselves, they have today and I'm happy with them. The next lot we will have to wait and see.

    As FNT is still speculative at this point and probably long into the future the results will not mean a great deal to those that are not already in FNT given the current world situation, for people in FNT depending on when you purchased it may be a long slug ahead.

    At some point every one must pick there exit price, FNT through it's drilling will find nothing more or less than what is in the ground and no one will be able to argue with that.

    Enough from me, please every one keep up with discussions I truly find them very informative and helpful due to the fact that I know little about the stock market or geology. I learn a lot from reading peoples opinions here then watching what actually happens on market.

    It generally sits somewhere between a meerkat and a darkhorse :) No offense intended.

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