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A Bit of Dr KSS mostalgia

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    This time last year.....

    “This month, 14 patients at both UCSD and Duke with genotype 1 HCV that have failed customary antiviral treatment will be dosed with TT-034. If virus burden falls at all by 30 days (and based on work in animal models it will), I see Benitec appreciating like crazy. The company also has a ddRNAsh trial for NSCLC, directed against tumor-expressed tubulin. They have very smart management in place, and decided early last year to do away with their bizarrely Australian capital structure (bajillions of shares priced at 1-2 cents) and do a 1:25 reverse split, so as to make it more appealing to US investors. Nothing good about the company is priced in, and yes, I agree totally that it is a latent gold mine of IP and designable drugs. I have researched it like mad, spoken with management. I have never felt so strongly about a biotech company since Celgene and Intuitive Surgical, which have gone up more than 40-fold since I bought them in their early days. There are others in this space, including Alnylam and Arrowhead, as well as Santaris (not Santarus), but Benitec is in the best intellectual position.”

    Sometimes i have to go back and remind myself what im investing in. It helps alot when you see your hard earned long term investment dwindle while you wait for that moonshot moment...
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