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    Thanks for the info ture.

    On the transportation one with potential billion item a year demand the agency has a very aggressive timeframe. If the pilot goes ahead the rollout will occur shortly after unless there is soem major flaw in the applcation. The S&S configuration is a new one and low cost is mentioned but I guess it would be around US $1 an item. That translates to approaching $2 billion AUD revenue! The need for this application was driven by Sept 11. Any idea who the agency or is or what the specific appliciation is?

    On the utilities meter applications basically S&S is being built into electricty meters that have Automated Meter Reading (AMR) capability. So basically tampering can be detected remotely and the tamper indication can be checked at any time on an ongoing basis. Negotations with a large electricity meter manufacturer are proceeding. The utility companies and meter manufacturers like it.

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