A Biden win will bring on World War III!

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    Those are the facts.

    You know on the other thread I was gong to say what next regarding domestic politics but really the astute knows what next its just a question of when.

    The when becomes important because we can't have the world tip over the edge if Biden is in the seat because anything is possible because decisions will be made against the people from the shadows.

    If Trump is in his ego will allow a few mire left field possibilities and he will still believe in hope and find a way out whether through a deal or whatever.

    This is where the world cannot afford Trump to lose the next election and i think Trump knows this. Trump knows no matter how bad he may look the alternative is far worse especially if serious s?$t goes down in the world dynamics in terms of conflicts.

    The world needs some one cool and together when things get very serious and most know that is not Biden and those unaccountable could make some very bad decision behind him the world cannot not afford to accept!!
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